Ice Pack for Hemorrhoids

Ice Pack for Hemorrhoids

Using ice for hemorrhoids is an effective natural remedy. It can be used to relieve pain, itching, and swelling association with hemorrhoids.

Ice pack treatment is known to work for anyone who suffers from enlarged hemorrhoids and has trouble walking or sitting.

Ice Pack for Hemorrhoids

When you apply chipped ice on rectal region, it numbs the area while at the same time reduces inflammation.

Ice helps in reducing pain associated with hemorrhoids by anesthetizing the entire rectal area so that you don’t feel pain.

Some people consider using ice pack treatment straight after a warm sitz bath.

The warm sitz dilates anal veins and the cold from the ice contracts them.

This exercise helps veins to strengthen, elasticize, and ultimately get rid of hemorrhoids.

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get rid of pain and irritation.

You must apply ice packs to the anal region for at least 20 minutes to numb the affected area.

You can repeat this process three times a day to get effective results.

What Are The Side Effects of Ice Pack?

Ice pack treatment for hemorrhoids has no side effects. But, you must be careful while using this method to get relief.

You may also insert ice chips wrapped in a thin cloth into rectum to get to the affected area, but don’t overdo it. The last thing you would want to do is injure yourself further!

Don’t use ice directly on the skin. You can prepare your pack by putting a few ice chips in a thin towel.

Alternating sitz baths with ice packs is an effective external hemorrhoid treatment. It can help in alleviating hemorrhoids symptoms and providing instant relief.

But, this is not enough. This can only provide some temporary relief from the pain and swelling.

You must include fiber rich foods in your diet, exercise daily, and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid the reoccurrence of this condition.

Ice for Hemorrhoids

Ice packs have been used for many years. They are used for many different problems and in many different situations. The reason they are used widely is because they have proved to help greatly in many cases.

We also use them in helping to cure hemorrhoids.

The secret in how it can really help you, is by alternating with the sitz bath. The warm sitz dilutes the anal veins and the cold from the ice contracts the anal veins.

A good idea is to do your ice pack straight after having done the sitz bath.

It is important to do your packs after and not before the sitz. That way the veins first dilute and relax therefore allowing the blood to flow more easily.

Then the ice give them the contraction charge needed to stimulate the veins.

Keep the pack on for about 20 minutes. A side effect is that your cheeks will also get numb, but the good news is the hemorrhoids are also numb and thus you feel no Pain.

This off course is only temporarily, until the effect wares off. At the same time the contracting veins are strengthening themselves.

Repeat the process three times per day, until all symptoms disappear.

If the pain is very severe and you feel comfort using the ice. Repeat as many times as you want. This can only help, and not cause you any damage by doing any more.

Prepare your pack by putting a few ice cubes in a thin towel like your kitchen towels.

Do not use a bath towel. It’s too thick, and will not permit good direct contact with the hemorrhoids.


Make sure you open your cheeks as wide as possible and really push the pack right up making sure it’s touching inside the anus.

The cold will give you a wake up call initially, but a really good soothing effect for the pain.

Remember the sitz and ice combination is one of the best hemorrhoid treatment, but it’s not enough.

You still need to add the hemorrhoid medications to heal hemorrhoids.

This continuous change, causes the veins to elasticize, strengthen and ultimately help in getting rid of hemorrhoids.

Ice and Cold Water as an Effective Remedy for Hemorrhoids

A fun way to treat hemorrhoids came to us from the Caucasus. Severe Highlanders got rid of the disease by means of which was always at hand – clean water. More precisely, no water, and ice – the perfect material for making candles.

The impact on hemorrhoids low temperatures is very effective. Ice is able to stop the bleeding, to neutralize the pain, prevent further progression of the disease.

The main thing in this process – accuracy; careless use of candles ice can cause serious damage to your intestines.

Therefore, in the manufacture of candles to observe the following rules:

  • Candles are made as follows: rolled tube of paper, filled with water and placed in the freezer.
  • Once the water is completely frozen, the remains of a paper form with the scraping pieces of ice, and it becomes suitable for use.
  • Candles should be of small diameter to avoid excessive stretching of the walls of the anus. The procedure is the introduction of ice rods can not be called pleasant, so no need to exacerbate feelings.
  • Before the introduction of candles Break off the sharp tip and chamfer the place of breaking up. Otherwise you risk serious damage to the intestines sharp icicles.
  • Do not overdo the candle. The first procedure should last no longer than 25-30 seconds. Subsequently, their duration can be increased to one – one and a half minutes.

Modern medicine also does not deny the use of ice and its effectiveness in the fight against hemorrhoids. To optimize the treatment of hemorrhoids with ice, developed a special instrument. It is a plastic tube filled with liquid to freeze. It melts more slowly than regular water, thus increasing the procedure. This contributes to the material of construction of the tube.

No need to touch the ice directly to the affected area to reduce discomfort and get rid of the risk colds.

Cold water can be used to alleviate pain and in the liquid state. Bath lasting 3-5 minutes (sitting in a basin) can be used in conjunction with almost any other folk remedies. In the water you can add a cube of potassium permanganate: this eliminates the risk of further irritation.

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