Hirudotherapy (Leech Therapy)

Hirudotherapy (Leech Therapy) for Hemorrhoids Treatment

Treatment with leeches, or Hirudotherapy – ancient and very interesting methods used in a variety of diseases. Saliva of leeches contains hirudin – a substance having the property of slow blood clotting and improve its fluidity, so they have long been used and reduces blood clotting agent. Leeches are used in diseases of the blood vessels, thrombosis, varicose disease, hypertension, venous ulcers, and, of course, hemorrhoids. Leeches are sold and stored in glass jars with raw water.

Bank should be closed with gauze drag eraser. Water change daily, and the wall of the can clear out mucus.  Each leech for 0.5-1 hr 10-15 ml of blood sucking after which it disappears. If the leech does not fall on their own, then its head end touched alcohol swab, which leads to its immediate removal.

Remember: You can use a leech only once. 

Doctors past centuries often used leeches for hemorrhoids as medical and surgical methods of treatment have not yet been developed. During exacerbation of the disease, he offered to put leeches on the perineum. Today, doctors are not used leeches to treat hemorrhoids.

And in vain. They are a wonderful distraction, analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent, especially when very pronounced signs of edema, inflammation, thrombosis and infringement of hemorrhoids.  When hemorrhoids leeches used as follows. Perineum and gluteal region thoroughly washed with warm water, wipe and wetted with a solution of glucose to leeches attached themselves better. Put 2-3 leeches to the anus, 4-5 cm from the outer edges of inflamed or thrombosed nodes.  Already after the first session girudoterapii patients tend to feel a significant improvement: decrease pain, reduce a nodes in the rectum. The course of treatment is a few daily routines (or every other day) until symptoms disappear.

Hirudotherapy: Leech Therapy for Hemorrhoids Treatment

Often to treat certain diseases in addition to medicines and other medical intervention used quite unconventional methods such as the arsenal of traditional medicine. However, hirudotherapy (in common – treatment with leeches) has long been recognized as an effective and formal treatment.In particular, hirudotherapy is very good for such diseases as hemorrhoids.

What is the value of leeches for the treatment of complex diseases?

Firstly, in the saliva of leeches contains a small amount of a large variety of vitamins, hormones and enzymes that are extremely useful to humans.The second, no less important feature is contained in the saliva of leeches anesthetic, making bite and subsequent blood extraction painless, almost imperceptible.

Another bit sad fact is that every leech is used only once.To eliminate the likelihood of disease transmission immediately after the procedure, all hirudotherapy leech destroyed.Treatment with leeches gives its effect, mainly because of such a component contained in the saliva of leeches, hirudin.

He’s getting into the bloodstream, dilutes it, thereby preventing the formation of blood clots and clots.Upon completion of the procedure improves blood circulation and anxious nodes, tumors and inflammation are significantly reduced in size. Hirudin also returns vascular tone and removes unpleasant and painful swelling.

Leech for Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoids – a very common pathology: at least once in life occurs in every second person.However, in the chronic form it goes not at all.Genetic predisposition increases the risk of this disease, and provoking factors generally favor a sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, stool disorders (such as constipation or diarrhea), malnutrition, heavy physical work. Hemorrhoids is a disease of the blood vessels of the anus, in which there are bumps – hemorrhoids, increasing in inflammation.Also, nodes can fail, thrombosed and bleeding.

The popular and official methods hemorrhoids treatment

Leech for Hemorrhoids TreatmentSometimes the cause of hemorrhoids is considered pregnancy and obstructed labor.It starts with itching disease, gradually increasing. Then develop nodes (internal and / or external). The disease can occur in an acute or chronic form, sometimes masquerading as symptoms of colitis, or irritable bowel tumors. Signs, the appearance of which indicates the presence of hemorrhoids:

  • discomfort and feeling of incomplete emptying of the bowel
  • Itching and burning (of mucus formation in inflammation of the colon)
  • bleeding (especially after stool)
  • Pain – from tingling and pulling up sharpand intense.

In the later stages, and in severe cases, the disease is treated surgically.But if early treatment, it is possible to cure or significantly improve the condition of the patient in the conservative treatment, dieting, performing therapeutic exercises.

mainstay medication for the treatment of favor phlebotropic drugs. have a good effect, and folk remedies.The best known include the use of candles of raw potato, herbal ointments and enema of decoctions of herbs, sitz baths.

popular methods of hemorrhoid treatment until the disease has passed into running shape, is hirudotherapy – treatment with leeches. After several treatments hemorrhoids disappear or there is a significant relief to the patient.

As leech correctly placed on piles

During the procedure in the outpatient and at home, you must take the leech tweezers close to the head, put closer to the desired area and wait until it has been secured, stuck to the skin.

For added convenience, you can put a leech in a thin glass tube, making sure that her head was directed toward the exit.This will provide a more accurate determination of leeches on a limited space (for example, on the area of ​​the coccyx while running hemorrhoids).

In the event that a leech has failed to stick to the skin and fell off at once, you should remove it and put the other away, suitable for the procedure, a leech.Upon completion of the procedure applied to the wound sterile dressing. After the cessation of bleeding the affected area should be treated with iodine or hydrogen peroxide, not forgetting the bandage and beyond. Transgressed leeches should be placed in a strong salt solution or formalin solution.

After the leeches die, wash them down the drain.

How to treat hemorrhoids using hirudotherapy

So where leech hemorrhoids?No, I do not always go where it might seem.Treatment with leeches to many seems quite painful procedure, resulting from such an effective method of refuse.However, it should reassure you girudotherapy does not bring much discomfort to man.

This procedure is brief – a small leeches to impregnate need about 50-70 grams of blood, after receiving which they will disappear on their own.The duration of the meal is about 30-45 minutes.

In order to get rid of the discomfort associated with inflammation, leeches need to put on special, acupressure points, only in severe cases, resorting to the effects on the hemorrhoids themselves.To treatment had the most positive effect, it is necessary to remember about some rules:

  1. makes the procedure must be exclusively in the outpatient setting trusted medical office and supervised by a professional doctor
  2. recommended interval of the procedure – one week
  3. recommended number of simultaneously setleeches – four pieces

Make sure that both your skin is prepared for the procedure – first place should be treated with alcohol and then – water.This should clear up your skin completely and to minimize the risk of infection.

Where best to place leeches hemorrhoids

The best thing is to install them in the anus.Even if the leech somehow gets inside, do not worry – the first, it will be painless, and secondly, sated, she will choose out.If a strong inflammation of the veins, causing blockage, the leech should be placed directly over the affected area.

Treatment with leeches has been practiced for many years, do not give up this technique and modern doctors, including, and in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Hirudotherapy with hemorrhoids helps eliminate the main symptoms of the disease, the recovery of metabolism and immunity.

Reviews show that it really works.

However, it should be noted that the leech is useful only in the early stages of the disease. In this way it can be completely or at least partially eliminate unpleasant disease manifestations.

Sometimes it is the treatment of hemorrhoids with leeches is more effective medicines, therapeutic exercise and diet.

How do leeches hemorrhoids

Leeches secrete saliva, which contains a special enzyme hirudin. This substance alters the composition of the blood, diluting it, which means that the blood flow is restored, and hemorrhoids are not formed clots.

Moreover, even those that have already been formed, begin to dissolve. In the photo you can see how the components are modified when we treat hemorrhoids with leeches.

This is very important in the treatment of hemorrhoids, as it clots provoke stagnation of blood in the veins and the formation of new clots. If the blood is circulating properly, first out puffiness, and then the node itself dissolves completely.

At the same time stimulated by the work of the gastrointestinal tract, improves peristalsis, constipation occur much less frequently, which is also important for hemorrhoids.

Hirudotherapy beneficial effect on the entire body, but if we consider how to apply the leeches from hemorrhoids, it is possible to achieve this effect:

  • Elimination of blood stagnation in the pelvic organs;
  • Resorption of hemorrhoids and prevent further education;
  • Reduce swelling and pain;
  • Prevention of constipation with hemorrhoids.

Reviews emphasize that leeches from hemorrhoids can be used at home – for many the opportunity is a priority in the choice of treatment. How to use leeches in the home, where they are put and how to behave during the treatment period, the video explains in detail.

Another advantage, which repeatedly show reviews – leeches are used for preventive purposes, if a person suffers from chronic constipation and has a predisposition to hemorrhoids. You can take a laxative or enema to do at home, on these procedures, reviews attest to their high efficiency.

But if the cause constipation – to stagnation, something that is not enough, you need to establish the blood circulation and make blood less viscous, and what contributes to hirudotherapy.

How and where to properly put leeches for hemorrhoids

If you want to cure hemorrhoids, then, of course, it is meaningless to put a leech on his back. They need to act locally, there where there is a problem. And although it is not medication treatment, there are certain rules that must be followed to get the desired effect.

Reviews assure that they may well be to learn to use and at home, it does not necessarily have to be a professional physician.

  1. At home, leeches can be treated only external hemorrhoids for obvious reasons.
  2. The procedure is performed no more than once a week.
  3. During one session, you can use up to four leeches.
  4. Leeches should not be fed or they will not give a person their therapeutic enzymes.
  5. The skin must be perfectly clean. To do this, first it is disinfected with alcohol, and then wipe clean with water.

At home, carry out the procedure on their own rather difficult because the leech is placed on the area of ​​the coccyx, anus, or directly on the node itself. The patient should be lying on his stomach, face down (see. Photo). Because the assistant is required.

Some patients fear that they will be hurt when a leech sticks. But it is unreasonable fears: leeches secrete a special substance, which acts as an anesthetic. Therefore, the patient is only at the very beginning of the procedure may feel a slight tingling sensation.

Length – 20 to 40 minutes. Remove leeches is not necessary – they will disappear by themselves. The volume of leeches that sucked enough blood, may increase by 6-7 times – this should not scare. force can not be separated leech. If it’s been forty minutes, and it still holds a place suction sprinkle with salt. Then she disappears.

In places sucking leeches formed wounds after the procedure, they can bleed. This is normal as the blood is diluted. Bleeding for a few days can be observed, but that’s no reason to start any hemostatic measures at home.

Hemorrhoids do not have any connection with the general circulation, that is, it is not venous bleeding that is required to stop. Video tutorials will help to master the technique of using leeches at home from hemorrhoids.

leeches treatment at home will give effect only if the procedures are regularly – about once every 7 days. Increase their frequency does not make sense, and if you do less – no effect. Just take 10 to 12 sessions. The course of treatment can be repeated after a pause of several months.

Mild hemorrhoids is recommended to use one session to 4 leeches. But if the disease is in an advanced stage and greatly enlarged nodes, you can put 6, 7, and even leeches.

Although hirudotherapy can be carried out at home, after all, it is desirable that this process is controlled by an experienced physician.

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