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Hemorrhoidal Suppository

Hemorrhoidal Suppository

Hemorrhoid Suppositories are medications taken through the anus to provide relief from pain, itching and burning. They facilitate easy bowel movements.

Suppositories are shaped like a bullet and they are made of substances that stay solid at room temperature, but melt at body temperature.

What Are Hemorrhoid Suppositories?

Suppositories are solid, waxy medications not intended for oral use. They are meant to be inserted into body orifices including the anus.

Suppositories usually melt at room temperature; therefore, they need to be properly refrigerated.

Hemorrhoid suppositories are very effective for treating both external and internal hemorrhoids especially prolapsed hemorrhoids. They are generally more effective than hemorrhoid creams and ointments.

However, hemorrhoid suppositories should be avoided by people suffering from bleeding hemorrhoids or those whose anorectal region is already infected.

A suppository has a streamlined shape with a pointy, round end and a flat end.

It is usually inserted with the rounded end first so that it can be pushed in with the flat end. The smooth muscles of the rectum quickly grip the inserted suppository and push it in further.

Once inserted, the cold, solid suppository picks heat from the body and then slowly melts to release the active ingredients inside it.

Suppositories vs. Topical Products

Hemorrhoid suppositories have one key advantage over topical hemorrhoid formulations: they release their active ingredient gradually and over a period of time.

This is important because it allows the delivery of small doses of the active ingredient as the suppository melts. Consider the suppository as a drug reservoir supplying little doses as needed.

This means that suppositories allow active ingredients to act longer while reducing the number of times you need to re-apply hemorrhoid medications.

What Makes A Hemorrhoid Suppository?

Active ingredients included in hemorrhoid suppositories can be natural herbs such as witch hazel or synthetic agents like phenylephrine HCl. Some formulations may combine both types of remedies.

To ensure that hemorrhoid suppositories stay solid before use and melt slowly, the active ingredients are formulated in a base which is the substance also serving as a vehicle for the active ingredients. Cocoa butter is a popular choice for base in hemorrhoid suppositories.

Other inert excipients may be added to help with the release of the active ingredients in the anal canal.

Some of these added substance help lubricate the anal canal to allow the suppository to pass in with the least difficulty and also to soothe the smooth muscles of the anorectal region.

When should I use them?

Hemorrhoids Suppositories are not meant for external hemorrhoids as these medications are developed in way to work inside the body.

You can use topical creams and ointments for external hemorrhoids.

When inserted through anal canal, the suppositories release the ingredients that work on the internal hemorrhoids to alleviate the irritation and burning sensations.

How Do They Work?

There are basically three different types of hemorrhoids suppositories available:

  • Vasoconstrictors;
  • Analgesics and anaesthetics;
  • Laxatives.

Vasoconstrictors work by tightening the blood vessels and reducing the inflammation and pain.

Analgesics and anaesthetics also reduce pain.

Laxatives don’t work on hemorrhoids directly.

Instead, they ease the bowel movements and provide relief from constipation, which is the root cause of hemorrhoids.

Avenoc Suppositories:

Avenoc Suppositories are only meant for adult use.

They contain powerful and effective ingredients that are known to attack the root cause of hemorrhoids and heal from within.

The main ingredients are Witch Hazel, Horse Chestnut, Stone root, and Cocoa Butter.

Though there are no major side effects. Extended use of Witch Hazel may cause constipation, vomiting, and upset stomach.

Horse chestnut extracts may cause side effects such as itching, nausea, or stomach upset.

Those who have diabetes must check blood sugar levels regularly when taking this medication.

Neo Healar Suppositories:

Neo Healar is a scientifically tested remedy for internal and external hemorrhoids.

It contains Lupinus Albus, the essential oil extract from Lupin.

It aids in repairing the damaged tissues and speeds up skin recovery.

The Suppository also contains Vateria Indica, a bitter resin from the piney tree.

It is known to have anti inflammatory properties.

Mentha Piperita aids in providing relief from hemorrhoids pain and itching.

It also contains Aloe Vera that stimulates skin regeneration and collagen synthesis.

Preparation H Suppositories:

Preparation H Suppositories work from the inside to heal the hemorrhoidal tissues and alleviate the symptoms to facilitate easy bowel movements.

They aid in easing the pain, itching and burning.

The ingredients are Cocoa butter, Phenylephrine HCl, and Shark liver oil.

Cocoa butter keeps the medication from melting too quickly.

Phenylephrine HCl provides temporary relief from swelling, burning, pain, and irritation.

Shark liver oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the affected areas and quicken the healing process.

Witch Hazel Suppositories:

WiseWays Herbal’s Witch Hazel Suppositories contain natural ingredients that melt when introduced to body temperature.

For effective results, you must remember to exercise daily, have a fiber-rich diet and drink more water.

Ingrdeints include Cocoa Butter, Calendula, Burdock, Olive Oil Extracts of Organic Arnica, Chamomile, Witch Hazel & Yarrow, Slippery Elm, Plantain, Red Clover, Stone, Marshmallow & Wild Yam Root, Myrrh & Geranium, Essential Oils of Cypress, and Flower & Gem Essences.

Calmol Suppositories:

Calmol Suppositories use the highest percentage of Cocoa butter.

They melt faster and are more comfortable to use.

The suppositories contain Zinc Oxide, an antiseptic and skin protectant.

They are effective in providing temporary relief from itching, irritation, and burning.

Anusol Suppositories:

Anusol Suppositories are used for providing relief from hemorrhoid conditions.

They are sold under different labels such as Anusol-HC cream, Tucks, or Hydrocortisone rectal cream.

Anusol contains 2.5% hydrocortisone, which is the key agent used in alleviating hemorrhoid inflammation and irritation.

Daily use of this medication can give you a trouble free life.

Hemorrhoid Suppositories Features

If you’re leading an active life and suffering from hemorrhoids, you know how unbearable it can be to live with the pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids. The world doesn’t stop spinning because you’re suffering from hemorrhoids. You still have to go to work and stick to your routine. When life keeps moving, it can be difficult to find relief for your symptoms.

You Have Plenty Of Options

If you’ve ever battled with hemorrhoids before, you should have a good idea of how many products are available to treat your symptoms. You

can try over the counter ointments and creams, suppositories, natural remedies, dietary changes, surgeries, and a host of other things. Luckily, most people can experience relief with one of these treatments. Like with all hemorrhoid treatments, it can take time before you see the results. In most cases, you’ll have to stick to a treatment for a few weeks before you see any type of relief. The big question you’re mulling over right now is whether or not hemorrhoid suppositories are worth a try.

Hemorrhoid Suppositories And External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are painful. There’s no way to argue that perspective. It’s hard to sit, difficult to stand, and downright painful. You have to deal with itching, burning, and discomfort 24-hours a day. Launching a hemorrhoid suppository into your rectum isn’t going to be very effective. The treatment is too far in the rectum to help alleviate any of your external symptoms. You’ll still have to deal with the pain, itching, and discomfort.

Internal Hemorrhoids And Hemorrhoid Suppositories

Internal hemorrhoids are hard to treat. You can’t see it, reach it, or investigate the issue. You just know there’s an issue. Hemorrhoid suppositories were initially designed to treat internal hemorrhoids, but the problem is the suppository sits too high in the rectum to reach the affected area. In most cases, people experience little to no relief when trying to treat internal hemorrhoids with a suppository.

It’s Not A Lost Cause

Hemorrhoid suppositories can help you to stop straining while you’re making a bowel movement. Straining is the leading cause for hemorrhoids in sufferers across the globe. Anything you can do to help keep yourself from straining is a good idea. However, hemorrhoids suppositories don’t help in very many other areas.

Change Your Diet Today

While hemorrhoid suppositories can help you to stop straining, that’s about all the help you’ll get. If you increase your fiber intake, your stool is going to become bulkier. When your stool is bulkier, your body will have an easier time pushing it out naturally. Oranges, celery, cabbage, and beans are all fiber-rich foods that will help you bulk up your stool. If you want to start passing stool more efficiently, try adding 20-30 grams of fiber into your meals each day. Follow this with a suppository, and your bowel movements will turn into a smooth-sailing experience.

You Need More Than One Treatment

The bottom line is that hemorrhoid suppositories aren’t very effective, no matter what you’re trying to treat. You need to try a combination of over the counter, creams, home remedies, and lifestyle changes to achieve optimal results. Whether you have internal or external hemorrhoids, the most relief you can get is going to stem from trying multiple approaches.

Things You Can Do To Reduce Discomfort:

  • Warm baths for 15 minutes up to three times a day
  • Wet or dry baking soda applied to the affected area
  • Wash your hands several times a day
  • Refrain from sitting down for long periods of time
  • Refrain from sitting on the toilet for too long
  • Stop straining
  • Increase fiber intake
  • Apply witch hazel t the anal area
  • Use pre-medicated wipes instead of toilet paper
  • Avoid hot baths
  • The Best Solution

Hemorrhoid creams and ointments aren’t going to end your battle with hemorrhoids. You need to make lifestyle changes to ensure you’ve won the hemorrhoid battle. The number-one thing you need to do is eliminate straining during bowel movements. Straining is the leading cause for hemorrhoids, and if you’re still straining, you’re not going to see an end to your struggle. Ointments and creams are only going to mask the symptoms for a short time. Lifestyle changes that stick with you forever will reduce your experience with hemorrhoids significantly.

Make The Right Changes

You need to start eating a fiber-rich diet, stop straining, and start cleaning the area properly. It’s understandable that your hemorrhoids cause itching, but scratching is only going to make the issue worse. Not only does it irritate the area, but it creates a breeding a ground for infection. Using a suppository or stool softener to make your bowel movements occur without the need for straining will allow you to manage your comfort more effectively.

Suppositories can help you accomplish this, but you have to change other habits for this to be completely effective. In conclusion, you need to clean the area frequently and gently. Avoid using toilet paper, and refrain from straining. If these small changes don’t help, we recommend trying H-Hemorrhoids Formula for a few weeks. This easy to apply treatment will reduce swelling, itching, and pain quickly. It’s an all-natural formula full of essential oils that pregnant women and other adults have sworn by for years.

If you’re looking for hemorrhoid suppositories to cure your symptoms, look elsewhere. Hemorrhoid suppositories aren’t likely to cause any type of relief. Most likely, it will only help you pass your stool more efficiently. When you’re dealing with hemorrhoids, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You need to find a combination of treatments that work best for you. Whether you combine witch hazel and warm baths with H-Hemorrhoids Formula, or you try hemorrhoid suppositories with an over the counter ointment, it’s always best to try more than one thing at a time. This will greatly increase your chance of experience relief.

Suppository for Hemorrhoids – What Is Best for Treatment?

Suppository from hemorrhoids are a conservative method of getting rid of the disease. Therefore, they can not always be used in the treatment of this disease. Apply suppository should be started only after having been accurately diagnosed. In this paper we describe in general what the existing market more efficient suppository, how best to use them, by treating the condition. To know the specific list of suppository for hemorrhoids with a description of their properties and recommendations – click on a link (you can open a new tab if you first want to finish reading this article).

It is important to understand – to the question “what is better spark” in a particular case, the answer can only be a specialist conducting the diagnosis of your condition. In drugstores are very different – they differ among themselves on the nature of the action. Some are designed to reduce the pain that causes the disease. Other suppositories have a healing effect. This means that these suppository for hemorrhoids help wounds heal faster and existing cracks in the rectum and anus. Still others – these are the best suppository for hemorrhoids bleeding. They are able to stop the flow of blood for couples of improving its clotting.

What are the suppository from hemorrhoids to choose?

Sold suppository for hemorrhoids and fissures, from internal and external forms of the disease vary in price. But this is often an indication that cheap suppository worse than their more expensive counterparts. Usually cures for hemorrhoids local production cost less than importations, imported. Price consists of several parameters. In the case of foreign drugs, their price increases due to shipping costs, customs duties, and so on

What suppository for hemorrhoids, you choose yourself. It all depends on your financial capabilities. Somebody’s power to obtain the most effective suppository imported at a high enough price. And someone can buy only cheap, chinese.

What are the suppository and their composition?

Pain suppository with hemorrhoids. Their main purpose is to reduce the pain that causes the disease of the rectum. They consist of novocaine or anestezina. These chemical elements are very well remove all the existing discomfort, itching and pain. However, the use of anesthetics has a number of contraindications. First, they are very much increase blood pressure.

Therefore, these suppository can not be used in the treatment of patients with hypertension disease. Also avoid the use of suppositories in the elderly, when increased pressure is normal because of age-related changes in the human body. Hemostatic suppository. The composition of these suppository are such components as Dicynone, menadione, calcium chloride. All of these chemical elements increase blood clotting. This is a very important fact in the treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids. Blood loss, if not stop, can cause anemia. This disease is not only dangerous to human health, but also for his life. Anti-hemorrhoids suppository. The composition of the suppository includes various components which have a bactericidal effect. The best preparations of this group contain sea buckthorn oil. It not only helps speed the healing of wounds and fractures in the rectum and anus, but also kills bacteria, germs and other microorganisms that caused the inflammation. Have a similar effect and such components of vegetable appointment as propolis, tea tree oil, an extract of St. John’s wort, yarrow, and so on

Suppository for hemorrhoids treatment – how to use?

Of course, suppository today are effective in the treatment of the disease, along with pills. However, even the best of them will not have the desired effect if they are not properly used. It is important to know what you need suppository, how to insert them when it is best to carry out medical procedures and how many times.

Suppository for hemorrhoids need to put in the evening before you are going to go to bed. Well, if the procedure before you empty the bowel. After the act of defecation is necessary to make water treatments. The anal opening must be clean prior to treatment. The suppository is necessary to open and remove the protective cover. This should be done as early as fully finished state, so you can directly enter into the anus of a candle. Otherwise, it will start to melt. After the candle was introduced into the rectum, you should immediately lie down on your back and lie down so at least thirty minutes. This is usually sufficient to ensure that the drug has melted and fell into the bloodstream. More specific nuances about the use of suppository for hemorrhoids can be read in the instructions that came with a particular drug.

Recommend suppository may only your doctor who knows the specific features of the disease. Even if you have a whole list of these drugs, it does not guarantee that they will help you. Only your doctor is aware of your particular state of diseases of the rectum and can choose the right treatment.

Hemorrhoid Treatment folk remedies possible. But any recipe before you start using it, must be approved by your doctor. Most methods of folk medicine used in combination with traditional therapies, help accelerate recovery person.

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